Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases.

- Psalm 103:1–3

Here are some of the Healing Miracles we have seen the Lord do, both during our meetings and out in the community through Church Family Members offering prayer. Thank you Jesus, to you be The Glory!

Youtube Channel Videos

Video: Trish Sturiano, mammogram report


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Video: Healed of severe PTSD after 13 years

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Raised From Dead After Overdose

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Video: Stage 4 Cancer Healed!

Video: Back From Sudden Cardiac Death!  

Video: Severe Back Injury & Pain Healed!

Video: Healed of Occipital Neuralgia

Video: Angelic Visitation

Video: Taking the healing power of Jesus into the grocery store & the workplace!

Video: Knee Healed & Surgery Canceled!

Video: Set free of years of panic attacks & anxiety!  

Video: Miracle on United flight 5355 Sacramento to Denver!

Video: Women With Brain & Lung Cancer Sent To Hospice To Die, Sent Home After Prayer

Video: God Uses Local Surgeon To Bring Patient Back To Life

Video: Back To Life From A Fatal Overdose

Video: Ankle Healed @ Dollar General

Video: Scoliosis Healed In Walmart!

Video: Hearing Healed!

Video: Shingles Healed

Video: He Was Near Death - Then Was Healed Through Praise!

Bay Focus Interview On Healing With Pastor Don

Chris Varn’s Dad’s healing while watching online! Thank you Jesus!

Chris Varn a precious church family member, who also is on our video camera team shared a powerful 2 part testimony of his father watching online north of us in Gainesville, Fl.

Part 1 July 3, 2022

Hi all, I just received an amazing testimony from my dad, JT. He lives in Gainesville and has been watching online for the past few weeks. He told me last week he had high PSA levels, which is a marker for prostate cancer. He just texted me and said that when Pastor Don called out for healing of cancer today and said that someone watching online was healed, he felt an “electrical energy at that moment. Hard to explain but it was unbelievable.” He is scheduled for re-testing in 4 weeks and we are believing that those levels are completely normal! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


Part 2 August 1, 2022

Update on my post from July 3, where my dad felt healing electricity go through his body while watching KLCC online: Thank you all for your prayers for my dad’s healing. He had a blood test last Friday and all the results (cholesterol,A1C etc) were in the report and were all perfectly normal, but the PSA test wasn’t in the report. We decided that, since he was already healed, the lab had to run the test again because they couldn’t believe the change. He received his PSA test results today and they were less than half of what the previous test showed and are right in the middle of the normal range for his age! He called this morning to give us the good news and we were all rejoicing. We could hear the emotion in his voice as it sunk in that God Almighty, the creator of the universe has touched and healed him. He also received the attached email called “Accept a new picture of Faith”, confirming the power of prayer, right before he got the email with his lab results. He said he is looking forward to going to the doctor tomorrow to discuss the results so he can tell him about his miraculous healing.

Chronic Pain Healed! 

I have lived with autoimmune issues including rheumatoid arthritis for many many years. I have metal in my back and spinal issues that is a source of chronic pain. Most of the time I smile and push through it. Last night, when you asked for people who have chronic back pain to raise hand, the Holy Spirit said you want this Renee. I experienced the touch of God by the laying on of hands. I felt warmth and electricity go through my back and it lasted long after we were done praying. I was so excited! This morning I woke up with no stiffness and pain like I usually do and have been pain free all day! PRAISE GOD!

God is showing and teaching me so many things about himself. What is most exciting is learning how to minister to others. God is helping me do things I never imagined doing. Love Kingdom Life Church!! Many blessings, Renee Fowler

Blood Issue Healed!
A young man in our church has had blood issues for the last 12 years with his platelets, red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit being out of normal range. He has been on medication to counteract. Sunday 9-23-2019, on the way to the Airport going to Pittsburgh, for an annual check-up, he stopped at the Church's Alabaster Prayer Room and was prayed for. The test results from that visit for his platelets, red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit all came back in the normal range and was told he will not need to take the medication any longer. - Thank you JESUS! Do it again!

Eyes Healed

Following a recent Discipleship Training Class, a woman came to us requesting prayer for her eyes. She had cataracts, & without her glasses everything up close was blurry. She also said that it was like looking through a tunnel. Immediately after receiving prayer she could see up close without the blur, & seeing as thru a tunnel was gone.

She wanted to wait to release this testimony until after she saw her eye doctor, who had recommended cataract surgery. Following her doctors visit she was told she no longer needed the surgery.

Thank you Jesus! To God be all the glory! May you heal others that hear this testimony!

HIV Healed

One of our newer members came to us with with HIV, His immune system far below normal and his heart operating at 23%; He received prayer. Yesterday, he brought me his lab and doctor's report; heart is now at 86%, immune system at normal levels and no detection at all of HIV. Thank you Jesus! To YOU, be the Glory. . . 

Healed of Nerve Damage Pain

During pre-service prayer this morning, one of our folks had a word of knowledge that someone in the meeting had nerve damage issues. There was woman in the meeting who had been suffering from severe pain from that very issue for the last seven months, she receive prayer and was immediately healed. Later, in service we gave the testimony, then prayed for others that had nerve damage pain, several were healed including a first-time guest. Thank You Jesus, You are good!

Shoulder Healed

Testimony from one of our awesome church family members, Thomas Hayes!

“Healing testimony at grocery store today! A woman in the flower department said her shoulder hurt so bad she was gonna pass out. I prayed for her, and she received partial healing. She said she felt goosebumps. I prayed for her again, and her shoulder was completely healed. That time we both felt goosebumps. PTL !!!”

Set Free From Nightmares & Night Terrors

One of the newer folks at our church was battling nightmares and night terrors. Following service they received prayer for that to be broken off them and to be set free. 

This morning they contacted us; “I having been having them consistent for about 5 months, at least once a night. It was awful. So much so it haunted me all throughout my day. Not one nightmare last night. Such a blessing to be able to sleep”

Thank You Jesus!

Miracles At School Crossing

​ These testimonies are from one of our church family members, he is a crossing guard for the school system. He came to us about a year and a half ago, because he was hungry to learn about healing. 

“Yesterday one of the parents came through my intersection and was limping pretty severely, I asked him what happened, he said he tore his Achilles’ tendon, I asked if I can I lay hands on your ankle and pray, he was healed, no more limp he was just praising God. Then today a young mother was walking across the street and started to collapse, both her legs were giving out on her and her child and I kept her from flattening out on the sidewalk. She let me pray for her, her pain left, she got up and walked home! Thank you FATHER!” 

Baby Girl Healed!

A young family came to our healing service with their baby daughter, who is less than a year old. She had been diagnosed with a cyst on her brain. She received prayer during the service, the following week they brought her back to the doctor to find that the cyst was completely gone. Her grandfather brought a copy of the doctor's report to confirm. All glory to Jesus! 

Shingles Healed!

A woman in our church who had been suffering from Shingles was healed during a Sunday service.

Here is her testimony; "The rash is barely visible. First time in a long time I got out of bed without stabbing pain in my hip. Skin no longer numb and that feels great. For awhile it felt like my skin wasn't mine. All praise and glory to God. There were nights I cried myself to sleep because it hurt so much and now thanks to God's touch I sleep well and so does my loving husband."

Lupus Miraculously Healed!

I had the privilege to speak at a conference in November 2016, following the message, I prayed for a pastor's mother battling with Lupus. I just received this testimony; To God be the glory!

"Hey Pastor, I wanted to let you know that God used you to heal my mom! She has been battling Lupus and with that comes a lot of inflammation and basically long story short, after you prayed for her, she felt no pain. Has had NO pain since then, and just got back from the doctor that told her that her inflammation levels went from 1.75 down to .69 NOW! They have been trying different medications to try to reduce inflammation and now the protein levels are completely normal and she no longer has to take those meds! Thank you for your obedience in hearing from Him and laying hands on her! She's a new person without all this pain!!"

If God can use me, HE will use you, be bold, pray for the sick, expect a miracle & give God the glory!


Don Sturiano

Injured Neck Healed!

Injured Neck Healed!

A woman who was in a severe accident, injured her neck. She was in constant pain with minimum mobility and no spinal curvature. After receiving prayer from one of our members, she was immediately and completely healed. She is pain free with full mobility, and the curvature of her spine has been fully restored.

Ankle Healed!

Every Thursday @ 9:00 am in the sanctuary, we have a time of worship and then pray for various needs especially healing. Here is a report from one of our members after attending.

"About 2 years ago I fractured my ankle, about 4 days ago I tweaked it. I was really concerned I'd have to miss work the last time was i off almost three months. BUT GOD, yesterday I went to praise n worship and got prayer,before that prayer my ankle felt like it was on fire, But, since then the pain n the fire has been put out. Thank you God I am healed"  

Healing in Furniture store from two of our church family members

Praise Jesus!! We were looking for some furniture today and at one of the furniture stores & the girl who helped us was telling us how much pain she was in. She had plantar fasciitis in both feet and had surgery a week ago on her right foot and it was hurting even worse. We laid hands on her & Jesus healed her right there on the spot. She was crying and then as we got to talking about the furniture she just had to stop and we cried again and just Worshipped the Lord because she was overwhelmed. She said the whole last hour she was in so much pain because she works on her feet all day and thought she's going to really pay tonight because of what she's doing to herself and now she's standing there talking to us and it just overwhelmed her again after it kept hitting her that the pain was gone.