Welcome To A Church For Everyone! 

KINGDOM LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH is a Christ-centered, Presence-driven, Bible-believing, "Spirit-filled' church where everyone is welcome.

We believe that God's Kingdom must be demonstrated on earth as it is in heaven. Our God given goal is to draw together people of all races, genders, economic levels, ages, and religious backgrounds to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Rule of Christ as God's solution to the kingdoms of this world.  Our passion is to contend for a culture that manifests the atmosphere of Heaven & perpetually demonstrates the love, wisdom & miraculous power of God The Father, Jesus The Christ & The Holy Spirit

We invite you to join us this Sunday at 11:00 am for our praise and worship service.  There is also a free continental breakfast at 10:00 am you are welcome to. We are located at 3700 26th St West in Bradenton, Florida.  

Beyond anything else we could ever share with you; we offer you Jesus. Regardless of who you are, or what you’ve done, God does love you. He sent His Son who paid the ultimate price for you. He died for your sins, but death could not hold Him. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you too can have a new and eternal life. Ask Him into your heart. Ask Him to heal you, to teach you His ways and to use you to help others. Welcome to the Kingdom!